The mission of the Chemistry Learning Center is to assist students who are enrolled in general and some organic Three students studying
chemistry courses in becoming successful and independent learners. We offer a supportive learning environment where students meet in small groups with instructors to work out effective strategies for mastering the course content. As a campus resource there is no fee for our services. Regular attendance for students enrolled in the program is expected.

We support students in Introductory Chemistry 103, 104, and 108, and we support some lecture sections of Organic Chemistry 343 and 345. Note that not all courses nor lecture sections in a course are covered at all times because of our limited resources.

Who we work with

We welcome as many students as we can, but do not have the resources to support all students seeking support in chemistry. Our program is partially funded to work with students who are enrolledTwo students talking at a table in programs such as the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE), Center for Education Opportunities (CeO), PEOPLE, and Posse programs. We also try to welcome first generation students who are low income, underrepresented students, Chancellor Scholars, Powers Knapp Scholars, MJL Scholars, students returning after a long absence from college, students at-risk of failing the course, students re-taking the course after earning a D or F, students on academic probation, new transfer students, veterans just returning after full-time military service, and McBurney Center students. These are general guidelines and we consider each student seeking assistance on a case-by-case basis taking into account available space in our program. Though it is helpful to apply early, our program does not function on a first-come first-serve basis. Program eligibility in introductory chemistry is usually determined after meeting with a staff member.

Will my participation make learning chemistry easy?

Not necessarily. Many students find chemistry to be challenging and that they must work hard to master the material. However, we can offer a setting where your study time is used effectively, and learning can be enjoyable. Our aim is to provide a comfortable and supportive setting where you and your fellow students can pool your talents. You may forge friendships over the course of a semester that will endure years later.

Will participation in Center activities reduce the time I spend studying?

Two students working a problem on the whiteboardAgain not necessarily. Most students must commit about 20 hours/week to their chemistry course which includes lecture, lab, working assigned homework problems, doing pre-class activities, writing lab reports, studying for quizzes and exams, working extra problems, studying, etc. You actually may need to increase your time commitment if you wish to perform better. However, we can help make efficient use of your time. For example, we can help you to figure out what is important and to find the tools you need to do your work.

Must I attend all scheduled activities?

No, however, regular attendance is expected and if you need to miss a session we ask that you email your facilitator. Students not attending regularly, e.g., students who miss more than 2 consecutive weeks or are not attending at least 75% of the time, are sometimes dropped from the program so their spot can be given to another student. Being dropped from the program may impact the student’s acceptance into the program in future semesters.

Do students who participate do well in chemistry?

Yes. Many students who attend regularly and actively participate have received a grade of C or better in their chemistry course.

What activities do you offer?

Some activities are scheduled on a weekly basis, such as small group sessions Two students talking at a tablewith an instructor. Other activities are offered on an as-needed basis such as one-on-one meetings, etc.

Anything else?

Finally, let us get to know you; what you are interested in, what works well for your learning, and what do you hope to accomplish. We invite you to get to know us as well and hope that our time working together can be the start of a relationship that lasts over many years.