UW Map with the Medical Sciences Center highlighted

Hours and Location


Fall and spring semesters: ~8:30am to ~4:30pm M-F
Summer semester: Closed for student support.
Breaks: Closed (we may be in during breaks so please knock if the door is locked)


We are located in room 4330 Medical Sciences Center (MSC) located at the corner of University Avenue and Charter Street (4th floor). To see the location of MSC on the UW Campus map click map.

Here is a schematic map of MSC and where the CLC is located in the building. There are many entrances into the Medical Sciences Center (large steps from University Avenue; Badger Market entrance off of Charter Street) though the glass doors closest to Linden Drive are closest to the CLC. If you enter the building from Linden Drive, take the stairs or elevators to the fourth floor. Turn left and left again and walk about 50 feet; you’ll be next to Room 4330 the CLC.
A schematic diagram showing the Medical Sciences Center and the recommended entrance to use for the CLC using the doors nearest Linden Drive


All staff members have mailboxes in the new wing of the Chemistry Building (Shane Tower) on the corner of Charter and Johnson Streets. The mailboxes are on the first floor in the Staff section.

Mailing Address

1101 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706